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We recognize that we are all on a journey of being transformed by the grace of Jesus. At Awaken Chicago, we seek to be a people who are walking this journey together. We support the mission of Awaken Chicago: To cultivate a genuine, diverse community of believers mindfully dependent upon the Spirit and engaged in the work of the Kingdom.


Accordingly, as a member of Awaken Chicago, I commit:

  • To increasingly surrender my life to Jesus. This means that I will follow Jesus with boldness and seek to obey what Jesus commanded as set forth in the Bible.


  • To build the Awaken Chicago community. I understand that we are on this journey together. I will treat others with respect. I will welcome all who come to Awaken Chicago.


  • To manage disagreements and conflict constructively. I understand there will be disagreements and conflict, and I will address them in a manner that honors God and loves my neighbor.


  • To increasingly use the Bible as a guide for my life.


  • To be engaged in the work of the Kingdom of God. In faithfulness to God, I will love my neighbors and be salt and light in the areas where God has called me.


  • To support what God is doing at Awaken Chicago. As God guides me, I will be engaged in the work of the Kingdom, using my gifts and talents and sharing my financial resources.


  • To live out the values of Awaken Chicago: Genuine; Unhurried; Collaborative; Bold; Imaginative; Resilient.


For more information on how to become a member at Awaken Chicago, contact Pastor Rob Cambell.

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